• Location:
  • Kfar Vradim, Maalot Tarshiha - West Galil Elion
  • Size:
  • 92 ACRES
  • Client:
  • Kfar Vradim local council and Maalot Tarshiha Municipality
looking at the current situation and the future development, 
it is likely to predict that the site will be an important center in the 
demographic development of the region and has a vibrant urban potential.
From A programmatic point of view, the idea is to gather the "employment" functions 
around the pulsing and green center as a kind of A regional heart, 
and in addition, to distance the industry area to the sides of the program,
Depending on the programmatic center, a centering of pedestrian traffic will also be made in the compound, 
where a safe and convenient passage will be possible between the two sides of the main road. 
This will also make it possible to connect the public area in the heart of the residential neighborhood, 
through a lively employment area towards the open landscape.
Organization of all employment uses around an organized green axis that will serve as a lively urban center that will 
operate throughout the day and all days of the week.