• Location:
  • The Eshcol site
  • Size:
  • 6,500 SQM
  • Client:
  • Mekorot

The complex includes control and visitor center, as well as management offices and operational ground floor, which contains the “heart” of Israel’s water purification system. The control center, which required a full panoramic view due to measures of security and effective monitoring, floats above the facility and lake, along with the visitor center. 

The office structure serves the Jordan district offices, and was planned according to the need for a structure with unassuming presence; offices overlook the lake and facility. Serving as Mekorot’s main laboratory, the laboratories structure features advanced chemical and biological labs that monitor water quality.

Built area: control and visitor center – 1200 sq.m.; office – 2500 sq.m.; laboratories – 2800 sq.m.