TGIT Construction is Under Way

Construction on the new Technion campus in China is in advanced stages. Stay tuned!                             

Weizmann Institute Center of Personalized Medicine on D+A

d+a Magazine, a leading design and architecture publication, reviewed the redesign of Moshe Harel’s iconic building in the Weizmann Institute. Mochly-Eldar Architects led the refurbishing of the building to the institute’s new programmatic needs. The redesign, which sought to remain in keeping with the original, includes new cutting-edge materials, renovation of the facade, and enlarging […]

MACHTESHIM – Adama Complex on Ynet

  A new publication discussing the ADAMA COMPLEX on Ynet Economy: The Latest Impressive Building Facades. “This building, designed by Mochly-Eldar Architects, is based on pillars. The impressive facade consists of decorative columns – 15 meters high, with a narrow front only 10 centimeters wide, allowing a thin look of tall narrow columns. The walls of the […]

The Technion Breaks Ground in China

In an exciting ceremony attended by Shimon Peres (former Israeli president) and Aaron Ciechanover (Chemistry Nobel Prize laureate), the Chinese Government placed the corner stone for the new Technion campus in China. An unprecendeted initiative, the new campus is the fruit of a collaboration between the Technion, one of Israel’s leading technological institutes, the Chinese […]

The latest collaboration with Ron Arad Architects at dezeen

…”Ron Arad Architects is partnering with local firm Mochly-Eldar Architects on the project, Which envisions the 11,000-square-metre building as a three-storey tiered structure that follows the slope of the terrain, creating a series of indoor and outdoor spaces for patients. The project will be formally launched at a gala event taking place this weekend at the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra […]

The Office of the Future: the “Smart Building”

Where productivity is imperative, the call “Turn off the air-conditioner!” is certainly an unnecessary distraction. But employee welfare isn’t the only important factor governing the everyday life of a typical office building: energy consumption – whether mechanical or human – in unused spaces and systems, is a key consideration for organizations incessantly seeking ways to […]

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